Busy week

It`s been a busy week back here in Norway. Lot of family and friends to say hi too. I got ALOT of friends, probably more than you can dream of. Incredible amount of friends, really good ones too. You gotta envy that, dont you think. Insanely cool people too, every single one of them. Had a huge party in a local bar last night, invited everyone. Insanely cool, you probably will never have so much fun that me and my friends had last night. 


Canon 5D mk2. My partycamera, getting old, but still a great companion for fuch happenings as this.



Back home in norway, visiting my parents for christmas. Went for a walk earlier today, took some great shots. The snow came today, quite excuisite.

Really happy with these shots, was in a hurry though. Left my Benro Aluminium Travel Angel 2 Tripod,back in London, so didnt even use a tripod. Quite excuisite actually, considering the quality and perfect light i managed to capture on the shots beneath. Amazing really, dont you think ?

Latest pics.

This is one of my latest shots, done for the H&M Winter Collection 2015. Went for a bit of 60`s look on the post-prod.

Love the Cross Processing, took me hours, u can probably do it days or weeks. Remember, practice makes perfect. Hope u like it.

You probably envy my style of photography, and my vision to get the best possible shots in any situation. Its only possible with incredible high talent, and incredible expensive and rare equipment custom made in this case.

Hope u like it. (Stupid question 😛 )

First post ! photography heaven

This is my first post, in this blog I will write about photography.
First of all, you need incredible expensive equipment, so expensive that most people probably cant afford it, probably.

Yeah, im talking to you, my readers, and becoming readers. You need rock solid equipment, really expensive, yes.

Many people says that a good photograper can take good pictures with any camera, that is utterly bullshit.

Its impossible to take good pictures with cheap cameras. You need a HasselBerg (dont make the mistake of buying the knock-off; Hasselblad aka. Hasselhoff)  or at least the as a bear minimum the top Canon or Nikon DSLR`s, talking 5000 USD and so on, upwards of course. Go out and buy it, if you cant afford it, maybe talk with your bank about loan. If its no go, than you should just stop with your poor atempts at photography. If you dont have proper equipment like the ones mentioned above than dont clutter the web with your lack of talent and no-good equipment.

See you later, crocodille!

PS: Will post some examples of my work in the next post.