Latest pics.

This is one of my latest shots, done for the H&M Winter Collection 2015. Went for a bit of 60`s look on the post-prod.

Love the Cross Processing, took me hours, u can probably do it days or weeks. Remember, practice makes perfect. Hope u like it.

You probably envy my style of photography, and my vision to get the best possible shots in any situation. Its only possible with incredible high talent, and incredible expensive and rare equipment custom made in this case.

Hope u like it. (Stupid question 😛 )


3 comments on “Latest pics.

  1. vladic says:

    very nice work.
    i need a new cam, witch should i buy??

  2. prophotoz says:

    Hello there Vladic ! If money is no issue, and you better have alot of money to buy incredible expensive equipment if you are planing to take pictures at all, than I would buy anyone from the Hasselberg 500 series (v system). U also should get a Mac pro too fix ur pictures after u have taken incredible good picture which u have because of your incredible expensive equipment. Looking forward to seeing som breathtaking pictures from your end

    Good Luck and have fun (GLHF, as the pros say)

    Cheers. A

  3. vladic says:

    Thank you very big Mr.A
    Allready got the mac computer, its 2 months ols.. So i’ll probably get a new one after newyear.
    Then i wil also order the complete Hasselberg 500 vsystem. hope this wil work for my career.

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